Best Affordable Hiking Footwear For The Entire Family

Best Affordable Hiking Footwear For The Entire Family

Buying hiking footwear doesn’t have to break the bank because of fancy expensive features you’ll never need or use.

Why Is Hiking Footwear So Expensive?

If you have been searching for hiking footwear, you may have seen prices over $500 which can be expensive.

Outdoor industry brands have complex and extreme footwear technology that is packed with unnecessary features, which seems like they are only for hardcore outdoor enthusiast.

But you don’t want to settle for low-quality footwear, since hiking boots/shoes can make or break your family’s outdoor experience.

You need affordable hiking footwear that is built to withstand rugged terrain while providing foot protection and comfort throughout your hike.

So wearing any regular shoes for hiking isn’t suitable because they wouldn’t last. Canvas is common material that is used for regular shoes but isn’t a good choice for hiking because it is not durable.

Affordable Hiking Footwear

Purchasing from high end footwear brands can be extremely expensive, but why not save a great deal of money for the same quality of footwear.

You can find affordable hiking footwear that offers the same features and quality as high-end brands.

Northside provides high performance footwear for the entire family at a fraction of the cost offered by premium outdoor brands.

Helping you save time and money so you don’t keep purchasing footwear that isn’t suitable for the outdoors.

Why Northside Is Different

Northside aims to connect families with nature by providing footwear that is built and priced with features you actually need, to do the things you actually want to do.

You can invest a lot of time and money in your outdoor adventure, but you shouldn't have to overpay for fancy gear you don't need.

As a proud reforestation partner of One Tree Planted, Northside plants a native tree in New Zealand for every pair of footwear purchased.

While purchasing affordable hiking footwear with Northside, you also contribute to a sustainable environment by helping restore nature and biodiversity.


Monroe Low:

Price: NZ$99.99

The Monroe Low is more than just hiking shoes, it is a versatile shoe that can convert to your lifestyle so you can wear them every day, all day long.

From running errands to hiking trails you can do it all with the Monroe Low.   

The last thing you want is not having a go to shoe when you need to get your day-to-day tasks done. Northside’s footwear allows you to slip on and go without any wasting any of your time.

If you are hiking an easy to moderate trail, going on a camping trip, or running errands all day then this shoe will help you do it all.

Giving you great grip while you are outdoors, especially when surfaces are wet and slippery so you can avoid any slips, trips or fall injuries. Having a good heel support structure that’ll allow you to explore uneven outdoor surfaces. 

Find the Monroe Low shoes here: Monroe Low - Northside


Snohomish Boots:

Price: NZ$119-149.99

Whether you are headed for weekend trek or a light day hike with family, the versatile Snohomish is the boot for any adventure.

This classic hiking boot is lightweight and durable, featuring a suede and nylon waterproof upper that is just as ready for a trek through the summer heat as it is a slosh through spring downpours. Its mid cut cuff helps keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

And when you’re hiking in warmer climates, the Snohomish’s synthetic suede upper material will hold up against the wear and tear for you and your active kids, especially when the trails become drier in the summer. 

When hiking long distances over 3 hours with your children it’s important they stay comfortable throughout the entire experience. With the Snohomish kids boot, it provides just that so they can hike in absolute comfort.

Find the Snohomish Boots here: Snohomish - Northside


Stimson Ridge:

Price: NZ$169.99

Hiking remains an enjoyable activity in any hot or cold temperatures.

Hot temperatures that can reach above 25 degrees in the summer can make your hike challenging.

As well as freezing weather in wet conditions during the winter, which can reach temperatures below 10 degrees.

A common health concern related to hot weather hiking is heat exhaustion, and as a result gives you heavy sweating and a rapid pulse. Whereas hiking in rainy weather brings surfaces that are wet which can cause you injuries from slips or falls.

Northside’s Stimson Ridge is a boot you can wear in any climate for all types of terrain.

Protection is of utmost importance while being outdoors with your family which is why the Stimson Ridge is a boot that will work to protect you on the trail.

Find the Stimson Ridge Boots here: Stimson Ridge - Northside


Benton Low:

Price: NZ$149.99

It may not be necessary to buy footwear that’s built with high technology features made for thrilling outdoor trails, especially when you are just getting started.

A simple shoe that will give you the comfort and support you need will do the trick. You can easily wear the Benton Low with a casual everyday outfit, or when hiking easy/challenging trails and even for leisure travel.

Hiking can be one of the most challenging outdoor activities even on trails that are flat or paved because constant stress is absorbed by your feet when you’re walking.

This can cause foot pain that could develop into a lifelong injury if you don’t have the appropriate footwear to support your toe, heel and arch of your foot.

Northside’s Benton Low is a great beginner shoe for your first ever hike during the spring or summer. Its comfort feature allows you to hike comfortably in trails that are flat or rugged while the heel stabiliser and arch reinforcement provide full support for an improved performance.

Find the Benton Low here: Benton Low - Northside



Price: NZ$179.99

Finding the right pair of boots to suit your fashion sense can be hard to find because hiking footwear are designed to place function over fashion and sometimes the fashion aspect is completely ignored by other brands.

Northside’s stylish Freemont boots is a solid choice for hikes in easy, moderate or challenging trails during the winter or autumn seasons, when the trails are likely to be wet or slippery.

Luckily those seasons tend to have fewer crowds so you are more likely to find places to sit and enjoy the scenery with your family, while hiking in temperatures that can be more pleasant than the summer heat.

For occasional hikes in local trails or for taking on a multi-day adventures, the Freemont boots provide enough support even when carrying a heavy backpack.

Find the Freemont boots here: Freemont - Northside NZ


Apex Lite:

Price: NZ$199.99

The industry is full of brands that make products for intense outdoor trail use which can be intimidating for families who simply want to explore and connect with nature without the thrill.

The reality is the outdoors does not discriminate regardless of your experience or age, it can be your first family hike on a simple trail and still have the time of your life.

Northside helps you create those memories with your family in any season with an all-rounder hiking boot like the Apex.

The Apex boots are ideal when you go hiking in rugged terrain with dirt or rocky surfaces because its tongue is designed to connect directly to the upper part of the boot along your instep, so it blocks debris from slipping into your feet.

Find the Apex boots here: Apex - Northside NZ


Vista Ridge:

Price: NZ$199.99

The best hiking shoe in the world may not be as capable as a boot.

The main distinction between a shoe and a boot is that hiking shoes are low cut while boots are mid/high top.

As a result hiking boots offer more ankle support, protection, and even more effective waterproofing because of its high/mid structure which give less opportunity for water to get in.

Tackle long distant hikes even while carrying your toddler in rough or smooth terrain while being in comfort every step of the way with Northside.

Equipped with comfort, support, and protection these boots have everything you need to give you the best performance when hiking with your family in the colder seasons.

Find the Vista Ridge boots here: Vista Ridge - Northside NZ

Is Northside Footwear Right For Your Family?

Since you’re looking for affordable hiking boots/shoes then Northside is a great option, because you get high quality footwear at a much cheaper price than high-end brands, so it doesn’t break the bank.

A balance of comfort, protection, stability and durability are all important characteristics of hiking footwear which are offered by Northside, to give you the best performance.

You can find the perfect pair for you and your family for hikes in any weather condition, for easy, moderate or challenging trails and with support on your toe, heel and arch of your foot.

We believe that footwear for the regular person doesn't have to be overpriced, packed with useless features, or require an instruction manual to understand. So our footwear comes with features that really matter to give you the benefits you need.

With Northside you help guarantee the future of New Zealand by knowing that a native tree is planted for every pair of boots you buy.

Compare the full range of Northside hiking boots here:

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